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Review:Agnes B Glossy LipGloss

Posted on: December 10, 2009

my first review for this blog 🙂

i’m always like to buy lipglosses.

Because it’s a must for every lady!For every occasion!

Agnes B

This Agnes B one is not available in Singapore.(This makes it more unique!!)

Works like a 2-in-1.Lipgloss and lipstick which is neither too thick or creamy.

I just tried it today before heading out for a “oily” dinner.

haha 🙂

it has some shimmer effects and easy to apply.

Color(278) i choosen is suited for Asian skin.

What i liked most: it is very lasting  so it’s quite hassle free,don’t need to touch up regularly?Although i ate an oily dinner,the border of my lips still had traces of the lipgloss 🙂

What i dislike most: not fruity smell,more of a typical lipstick smell which is hard to describe for me 😛

Price Tag:~SGD40 online in UK,before shipping

My deal:i can get it at SGD32 shipped,how cool is that?!

i am gonna get more cool deals and review every item as well!

Do click back or offer some comments to me!!

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