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Review:Peach Sake BB cream Shade 2

Posted on: December 18, 2009

it’s time to jump into the BB cream wagon.

BB cream has been the most popular skincare/makeup product in Korea since 2005 and even up till now.

Guess what?it was actually been around back in the 50s,used in war as a healing ya?

many in 1 cream-

  • base
  • foundation
  • concealing
  • sunblock
  • moisturising
  • anti-aging
  • wrinkle free


what a wonderful “invention” 🙂

i am really shocked by the results of the peach sake BB by Skinfood.

what i like:it gives a nude finishing ,dewy glow and not cakey at all.sweet smell like the medicine smell.*LOL

what i dislike:the pump of the bottle.hard to control how much it can dispense. upon second press,usually it dispenses more than needed 🙂

Will definitely purchase a second bottle 🙂

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